November 1, 2023

Protecting Memories: Self Storage for Antiques and Family Heirlooms

Imagine this scenario: it’s a beautiful sunny day, and you’re going through your grandparents’ home to clear things out, only to stumble upon a chest full of photos, antique furniture, and memorabilia they left behind. Suddenly, you’re flooded with so many memories of them and their life experiences. But as much as you want to keep everything to preserve those precious moments and memories, you don’t have the space to store these items in your home. What can you do in this situation? The answer is simple- consider self storage.

Memories and Storage

self storage for antiques and heirlooms Family heirlooms and precious antiques are physical mementos that embody our past, tell stories of previous generations, and hold significant sentimental value. However, keeping these items in your home can not only make your space cluttered but might not go with the decor in your home. Opting for a storage unit not only provides a secure environment to store these items but also gives you peace of mind knowing they are well protected.

Unit Size

The size of the storage unit you’ll need truly depends on the number and size of items you want to store. Get a good idea of any furniture, document boxes, or anything else you might want to keep at the unit beforehand, to help you determine the best size.

Antique Storage Tips

When it comes to packing antiques and family heirlooms for storage, it’s worth considering some extra steps you can take. Use plastic wrap around fragile or delicate pieces and cover everything with a soft, protective material like blankets or bubble wrap. Keep items that contain natural materials, like wood, safe from mold and mildew by wrapping them in acid-free paper. Consider storing items you may need to access regularly near the front of the unit. Label boxes and stack them so that the more delicate items are at the top of the stack. Family heirlooms and antiques are more than old objects. They are memories that deserve to be kept well-preserved for current and future generations. Fortunately, self-storage provides a practical and safe alternative to cluttering up your own home, thus contributing to keeping these memories safe. In the end, it is important to remember that taking care of these items can come with some extra work, but it’s important work. So pack them with care and choose a storage unit that provides the security these treasures need and deserve.

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